Can a person be sued for perjury?

Can a person be sued for perjury?

Postby loren95 » Sun Aug 12, 2012 2:20 am

this is a repost--3 people that answered needed more info, but don't allow email:

Can a person sue over perjury?
if a person files false charges and makes up a lot of false claims that can be proven

ie....i called them and hung up 15x/day for numerous phone number showed up on his caller ID.....yet the phone bills show ZERO calls

he claims that I emailed him constantly--50 times within 90 records show 50 emails over a MONTH

an audio recording proves a statement he made in court is a lie.

and many more----these are just the worst examples...

can I sue him for perjury (i was convicted on his word alone---there was NO evidence---so much for beyond a reasonable doubt) I have had to hire a lawyer and it will probably cost me $10,000. Can I sue him to recover those costs?

53 minutes ago
- 4 days left to answer.

Additional Details
he claims he told me not to contact him via email---there is no such email---as a matter of fact--there are emails from him telling me to get back to him/contact him after the holidays, etc

52 minutes ago
OJ simpson was NOT convicted, yet he lost a civil suit--so it is NOT tied to a conviction....

and 2nd, I should win on the appeal (hence the 10,000) now that I know what his claims are, i can provide the evidence that he is lying.....

i was completely blindsided by the allegations---the court refused to give me any specific info on the charge before hand---ignored my requests to do discovery, etc

7 minutes ago
the problem is that i couldn't have had the evidence at the 1st hearing, because i had no clue what type of accusations he was making......i would have the evidence at the civil trial

6 minutes ago

i should have explained that I HAVE TO HIRE A LAWYER FOR $10,000 means a lawyer for the appeal which i should win

4 minutes ago
i doubt the court would pursue charges against him;;;they see him as the poor disabled victim (he uses a wheelchair) and he is a big wig in state government
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Can a person be sued for perjury?



Can a person be sued for perjury?

Postby gideon28 » Sun Aug 12, 2012 2:21 am

Perjury is a criminal, not a civil offense.
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